Heritage Services




Our library offers a variety of heritage services in order to assist in the conservation of local history and provide access to unique materials that help researchers and the public better understand our past. These services include physical and online collections/databases as well as genealogical research. 
Our library collects materials pertaining to the history of Hastings Highlands and its surrounding regions in a variety of formats with an emphasis given to the acquisition of items which will contribute to the knowledge of the social, civic, religious, economic and cultural life. 
Donations & Temporary Loans

Donations or temporary loans of materials of local historical significance will first be assessed in order to establish their suitability to the collection. Some materials may be deemed to be too fragile or bulky to accept. Any problematic items will be discussed with the donor and then returned or redirected as is mutually agreed upon. 


All donations must be pre-arranged.  


Ancestry Library Edition

Ancestry Library Edition is an online genealogical resource for library users to trace their family roots and history. It is accessible to all library users in-house (no library card necessary).

The Heritage & Youth Services Librarian can assist you in beginning your genealogical research and using Ancestry Library Edition. To make arrangements for assistance, please email heritage@hastingshighlandslibrary.ca 

Local History Archive

In an effort to preserve the local history of the Hastings Highlands and surrounding regions, the library now has two digital archives for old photographs, newspaper clippings, and more. These archives can be viewed at any time from any location with an internet connection. 
VITA / Our Digital World
VITA Toolkit is a web-based tool for building, managing, and displaying digital collections that the library subscribes to. For our purposes, the VITA archive primarily focuses on historical documents and newspapers, as well as historical photographs older than the 1950s with some exceptions.
Flickr is a web-based image database that the library uses to supplement our VITA Digital Archive. For our purposes, Flickr primarily focuses on non-historical photos that are newer than the 1950s. 
Donations & Temporary Loans
If you have any old photos, videos, or newspaper clippings, and you would be interested in the library digitizing them, please bring them in. All items that you see uploaded to the archive have been generously donated or lent to the library for archival purposes. 
Please note that there are some items we may be unable to accept due to the quality. This is at the discretion of the Heritage & Youth Services Librarian per the Digitization Policy. Some materials may also be deemed too fragile or bulky to accept per the Local History Policy. All materials will be assessed on a case by case basis. 
For any questions regarding this collection, please contact the Heritage & Youth Services Librarian at heritage@hastingshighlandslibrary.ca

Heritage Projects

All current and in-progress projects for our Digital Archives will be listed here, in addition to what materials we would be interested in receiving at this time for our collection. 
The Cardiff Courier 1994-2004

Digitizing the Cardiff Courier Newspapers (VITA) and the Cardiff Courier Negatives (Flickr) which cover the Wilberforce to Bancroft area. 

NHHS Yearbooks 

Digitizing the NHHS Yearbooks (Flickr), exact years that will be uploaded to be determined.  

History of Hastings County Schools 1856-present

Researching the history of schools in Hastings County as far back as 1856. If you have historical materials (old school books, class photos, photos of schoolhouses, etc.) related to this subject, please contact the Heritage & Youth Services Librarian at heritage@hastingshighlandslibrary.ca