Pickup Services

Hastings Highlands Public Library is closed to the public starting Tuesday, April 6th, except for curbside pickup services and computer usage by appointment. Face coverings will be required for service. 
For the latest updates, please check the homepage of our website, our blog, or our social media posts to see what you can and cannot do in the library at this time.


Curbside Only 
Monday - 11am to 1:45pm
Tuesday - 11am to 5:45pm
Wednesday - 11am to 3:45pm
Thursday - 11am to 5:45pm
Friday - 11am to 1:45pm 
Saturday, Sunday - Closed
Call us at 613-338-2262 or email hhplcurbside@gmail.com to place your order
We are not accepting donations at this time.
Registration for a library card can be done
onlinego here for more information.

Placing Your Order

1. Browse our Online Catalogue for the book(s) or DVD(s) that you may like to borrow and make a list.
Regular lending limits and lending periods will apply for the January 2021 Provincial Shutdown. 
2. Once you have your list of materials, call, email, or use the submission form below to place your order.
If you do not know what you would like to borrow, staff can create personalized recommendations but will require 24 hours notice to do so. We will also require the number of materials you would like to borrow. Alternatively you can search for your favourite books on our online catalogue and click on the title to bring up similar books, or browse websites like Goodreads, What Should I Read Next, Bookish, and Whichbook.
3. Wait to receive a call or email back from staff with confirmation that your materials have been packaged. This is when we will schedule your appointment.
In order to prevent lineups outside of the building, appointments will be staggered and set every 15 minutes to start. As we assess how much time is necessary to safely conduct this service, the time between appointments may be reduced. You may also arrange to pick up multiple orders, on behalf of friends and family, so long as we have received confirmation from those individuals that you will be picking up their order. If mobility is an issue, please make arrangements at this time with staff. 

Submit Your Order

Thanks! Message sent.

Picking Up Your Order

1. Arrive at the library at the agreed upon time. If another patron is being served, remain in your vehicle or at a safe distance (6 feet or 2 metres) until they have left.
Some community members rely on the library's Wi-Fi and may be in the vicinity. Always practice safe physical distancing. If mobility is an issue for you, arrangements can be made. 
2. Deposit any returns in the dropbox. Do not place on the table, do not hand directly to staff. Return to the designated location when done.
The safe handling of returned materials are our highest priority in preventing the possible spread of COVID-19 in our community and as such, staff will not be directly handling returns while conducting this service. Returns will be handled in the library only, following strict safety protocols. At this time, we will also not be accepting donations. 
3. A staff member will come out and wipe down the table. When they return to the building, please put your library card or photo I.D. on the table, identifying information face up, and return to the designated location. 
We will be disinfecting the table before and after every customer in case of accidental contamination from individuals outside of the building who may be using the Wi-Fi. It is recommended you wait for us to disinfect before placing your library card and photo I.D. on the table to prevent cross contamination. 
4. A staff member will bring out your order and verify your identity by looking at your library card or photo I.D before depositing your order on the table and returning to the building.
Placing your library card or photo I.D. with identifying information face up allows for contact free confirmation of your identity which is preferred, but staff will also be equipped with hand sanitizer. 
5. Once staff have moved past the physical distancing marker on their side, you may collect your items and return to your vehicle. 
Please do not approach the table until staff have reached the physical distancing marker on their side. Accidental ignoring of physical distancing is something we anticipate and understand, but deliberate ignoring of physical distancing may result in a loss of this service to the individual responsible. 

Safety Procedures

All returned items will be handled with gloves and deposited directly to the Library Material Quarantine Zone for that day's returns. The time of handling these materials will be noted to ensure 72 hours have passed and each day's returns will have their own location to prevent cross contamination. Staff will also handle the returns at the same time every day to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
After handling the returns, gloves will be safely removed and staff will wash their hands thoroughly, per the guidelines here. At any time during the return process or during the course of the shift, staff will practice safe physical distancing or wear masks when this is not possible. Staff will also have their own workstation and their own phone which will be sanitized at the start and end of every shift. 
Hand Hygiene