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Christmas Read-Alouds for Kids

"Santa Duck" written by David Milgrim

Nicholas Duck loves Christmas, and he is happy to try on the new Santa hat that’s mysteriously delivered to his house. But when his friends see him, they think he IS Santa. When Duck’s friends immediately launch into their Christmas lists, he doesn’t know what to do... until he runs into Santa himself.

"Santa’s Underwear" written by Marty Rhodes Figley, illustrated by Marty Kelley

It’s Christmas Eve. Where are Santa’s long, red, woolly undies? How will Santa find them? What might happen if Santa can’t find his long red underwear?

"How to Catch a Snowman" written by Adam Wallace, illustrated by Andy Elkerton.

When the moon is full on a snowy night… something magical happens if the time is right.

"Pete the Cat Saves Christmas" written by Eric Litwin and Kimberly Dean, illustrated by James Dean

Spend the holidays with your favorite blue cat! In this “rockin'' spin on the traditional tale, “The Night Before Christmas.” Pete the Cat proves that giving in the spirit of Christmas is the totally groovy thing to do.

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