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HHPL's Little Free Library Initiative

HHPL's first Little Free Library at Baptiste Lake, built, painted, and installed by Anne Coleman.

Little Free Libraries are popping up all over with one goal in mind - to "inspire a love of reading and foster neighbourhood book exchanges around the world." The general idea is that, if you can, when you take a book you leave behind another book you are no longer reading for someone else to enjoy. Little Free Libraries are just one possible solution to increasing access to books in our communities for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

In May 2017, library board member Anne Coleman registered Hastings Highlands Public Library's very first Little Free Library and installed it at the Baptiste Lake Marina located on the south shore of Baptiste Lake. The Marina owner, Carolyn, offered the use of her property and chose the permanent location for the Little Free Library.

The Little Free Library structure was built and painted by Anne, who also applied for the certificate and registration to make our Little Free Library official!

To date, the Little Free Library has been very well received by cottagers and locals alike in the Baptiste Lake area, and we are currently looking into a possible location to install a second Free Little Library sponsored by Hastings Highlands Public Library. If you have any suggestions of another rural location, we would love to hear from you!

For those wanting to learn more about Little Free Libraries, or possibly even look into starting your own, you can find out everything you need to know on their official website.

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