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Want to be a member of our library board? Apply today!

With the municipal election coming to a close, the time has come for a new library board to be sworn in. Interested members of the community can submit their letter of intent to municipal CAO Pat Pilgrim at cao@hastingshighlands.ca by Friday, October 26th, 2018. Before applying, please note that board members must be: 18 years of age or older, a Canadian citizen, and a member of the municipality, though they may not be an employee of the municipality. (Public Libraries Act) Members of council may be a part of the library board so long as they do not hold the majority on the board.

Library boards are responsible for defining the purpose of the library and ensuring they achieve what they are meant to achieve. (Ontario Library Association's "The Role of the Library Board.") They are advocates for the library, both to the public and to the municipal council, and they may set goals, start new projects, and develop and set new policies. Board meetings are held no less than 10 times a year, ideally once a month.

For those interested in applying, your letter of intent may include pertinent information such as your background in the community, volunteer or other relevant experience, and the reason you're interested in becoming a member of the library board. New board members will be selected and sworn in by the newly appointed council.


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