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About the DVD Pool


The DVD pool, formerly under the administration of SOLS staff and now under the administration of Hastings Highlands Public Library, was created to give member libraries the opportunity to provide or supplement a DVD collection to service their communities. This collection is intended to extend the information, education, and recreation resources of member libraries through the DVD medium. 



Membership for the DVD Pool runs from January 1st to December 31st. The membership fee covers the cost of new DVDs, cases, labels, cards, as well as the cost of the physical rotation of the blocks. 

Contact Us


Invoice & Administration Inquiries:
Wendy Keating at

Block List Inquiries: 

Jessica O'Reilly at 

Rotation Schedule:

Peggy Malcolm at


Rotation Schedule & Block Lists

Rotation Schedule


The next rotation is currently set for June 2022. 

Block Lists


Currently, all of the block lists can be found on Google Drive. These lists are view-only, so all changes will have to be made through HHPL staff, but you can print off a copy if you need a clean list. If you notice an error with the current block list - an item that you did not receive or is missing from the block, or an item that is missing from the list - please email us at 

Purolator Instructions

DVD Pool Blocks are shipped via purolator. This fee is covered by the DVD Pool Administration, you will just need to charge it to the Hastings Highlands Public Library purolator account. Our account number is 4861736, and you can follow these instructions on how to charge your shipment to us. 


An item in my block is missing or damaged. What do I do with it?

Please email us at to notify us of the title so we can remove it from the list. If the item is older and has been in the block for a while, we will simply remove the title from the block. If the item is popular or recently added, we will look to replace it.

Is there a cost to replace an item that has gone missing or been damaged?

Generally the replacement fees are covered by the SOLS DVD Pool funds, but if missing or damaged items became a regular occurrence with a particular library, we may ask that library to cover the cost. 

Can I request a title to be added to the DVD Pool? 
Absolutely! We add new items to each DVD block every year and refer to requested items first, and then lists of DVDs with popular or educational value. We keep a record of these requested items and if we are unable to get some titles one year, we try to get it the next. If you have a recommendation or request to make for the DVD Pool, please email
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