Using the Library During COVID-19

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The Hastings Highlands Public Library is open to the public.
Curbside pickup will continue to be available. 


Monday - 11am to 1:45pm
Tuesday - 11am to 5:45pm
Wednesday - 11am to 3:45pm 
Thursday - 11am to 5:45pm
Friday - 11am to 1:45pm 
Saturday - 11am to 1:45pm 
Sunday - Closed
Call us at 613-338-2262 or email to place your order.

Protocols to Follow

1. If the library entrance is locked and it is a day we are open to the public, the library may be at capacity. A sign will be posted on the front door of the library indicating this. Please line up outside of the library entrance and be mindful of people who may be exiting through the library or entering through the front entrance of the building. 
2. Face masks are required to enter the library. If you do not have one, masks are available and may be provided. Those who are unable to wear a mask for any reason are encouraged to take advantage of our curbside services where possible. 
3. You will be asked to sanitize your hands upon entry. If you cannot use sanitizer for any reason, gloves are available and may be provided.
4. You will be asked to sign in to the library. The purpose of this is to assist staff in enforcing time limits should a lineup begin to form. 
5. If you have travelled out of the country recently or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 such as a fever or cough, we are asking that you do not enter the library until you are symptom free again. 
6. Stack browsing is available in a limited capacity, 1 person per stack unless you are part of the same household or social circle. Those who are able to do so are encouraged to take advantage of our online catalogue to determine the books they would like for efficiency, and this may be accessed from home or on the library computers and tablets. 
7. All patrons are asked to continue maintaining physical distance while moving through the library. When you are ready to sign out your library materials or pay for your copies, please line up at the front desk and maintain physical distance from other patrons. 
8. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times, as we may be required to enforce time limits if we reach capacity. For this reason, it is important for all patrons to conduct their business as quickly as possible. At this time, we do not have casual seating available, only seating for the computer and personal device work stations. Use of the library computers for games is not permitted at this time. 
9. Computers and work stations are available first come first serve. When you enter the library, if there is an available space you are welcome to sit at it. Each work station and computer station will be sanitized after each user. 
10. Curbside pickup is available Monday-Friday, and may be conducted outside during nice weather, or at the front entrance of the library.

Our Safety Procedures

Hand Hygiene
Cleaning Protocols: Between 10am and 11am each day, library staff will be disinfecting all high touch surfaces in the library which is then recorded in a cleaning log. On our late nights, this process is repeated in the afternoon, and on all days the library is open this process is repeated at closing. Individual areas such as door handles, the sign in/sanitation station, work stations and computers are cleaned after each use. These cleaning protocols are in addition to the regular cleaning by the library's custodian. 

Removal of Casual Seating, Games, and Toys: All library materials or surfaces that have been deemed difficult to disinfect or otherwise more likely to be a possible source of contamination have been removed at this time. 

Implemented Pandemic Policy and Outbreak Plan: A specialized policy in the event of a pandemic was created for the library in addition to an outbreak plan to ensure the safety of the community and staff. 

Curbside Pickup: The library is continuing to offer curbside pickup from Monday to Friday for those who are uncomfortable entering the building. This allows for a distanced approach to retrieving your library materials, with minimal contact with others.