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Provincial Park Pass

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Library members may now request to borrow the Park Pass from Hastings Highlands Public Library. This pass will grant you access to any provincial park (subject to park regulations). 

Reserve the Provincial Park Pass by calling us at 613-338-2262 or by emailing


Once you have borrowed the Park Pass from the library, you can reserve a date for your day trip with Ontario Parks.  Reservations are recommended for Algonquin Park.  Reservation details can be found on the web log of Ontario Parks:

How to Borrow

  1. Reserve your date(s)! The pass is first come, first serve, so it's important to let us know when you would like to borrow it for. Be sure of the length of time you would like the pass for - if you request it for less than the maximum lending period of seven days, it may not be possible to extend if other people have requested it after you.

  2. Come to the library to sign our borrowing agreement. This will outline our expectations and any penalties that may apply if the pass is returned late or misplaced. This can be done before or at the time of pick-up. 

  3. Return the pass at the agreed upon date. A one day grace period is granted at the end of each lending period, but after that, a late fee may apply.

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Borrowing Terms

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  1. The Provincial Park Pass may be borrowed for a maximum of one week. One day before and one day after the lending period will be set aside as a grace period for pick-up and drop-off, for a total of nine days. 

  2. The Provincial Park Pass may be borrowed multiple times by the same person, family, or group, but never for two consecutive lending periods. After borrowing the pass, you will be required to wait a minimum of one week to request to borrow it again.

  3. If the Provincial Park Pass is lost while signed out on your account, you will be responsible for replacing it.

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