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Library Membership

How to get a Library Card


Residents and ratepayers of Hastings Highlands are entitled to free service at the Hastings Highlands Public Library, with proof of address which can be requested at the municipal office if necessary. Non-residents may also become members of the library with a $20 annual fee (or $40/family).

A library membership application must be filled out, and library staff will require proof of identification and your current address to complete the registration. Your library card will entitle you to additional services offered exclusively to library cardholders, but our cards can only be used at Hastings Highlands Public Library. To gain access to other libraries in the area, you will need to register with them separately. 

Registering Online

You can register for a library card at any time online! Just download and print off a copy of our registration form, fill it out, and send a scan or photo of it back to us. We will also require proof of identification, along with your current address and phone number to be included in your email before we complete the registration for your library card. Need help or don't have a printer at home? Just email for further assistance. 

Annual Renewal


All memberships are set to expire annually so that library staff can verify your phone number and place of address has not changed. Please call, email, or visit the library to renew your membership.


Borrowing Information

Maximum Checkouts


Each patron is allowed a maximum of 20 items on their account, with an additional limit of only 2 books per author, series, or subject. The maximum number of DVD's a single user can have is 2. Extenuating circumstances can be negotiated with staff at their discretion. 


Loan Periods

Lending times vary, with a shortened loan period of one week for new material and DVDs, and a maximum loan period of three weeks for everything else.  Extensions for extenuating circumstances (such as being out of town) can also be requested, permitted the item is not in demand - just let us know.



Up to 2 renewals are permitted on an item, permitted there is not a pre-existing hold. If an item has been put on hold, you will be asked to return the material by the original due date or as soon as possible if it has already passed. Renewals can be requested in person, by phone, by Facebook message, or by email, and you do not have to bring the book in to renew it. 


Inter-Library Loan


If we do not have the book you are looking for, it can be requested through Inter-Library Loan, permitted the book is 1 or more years old, and permitted it is not too popular at the lending libraries to be requested.

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