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Electronic resources (or E-Resources for short) are materials that require an internet connection to view. On this page, we have compiled a list of free resources for non-library users, as well as the links to our subscribed resources for registered library members. To visit these websites, click on their underlined title. 

Subscribed e-resources can be used in-house either on a library computer or while accessing the library Wi-Fi from your own device. To access these resources outside of the library, you will need your library card number. If you do not have access to your library card for any reason, your card number may be requested from staff with proof of identity. 

If you need any help accessing these resources, please email for assistance.

In-House Use / Library Card Required

Ancestry Library Edition


Want to learn more about your Family Ancestry? We've got you covered! Search for your relatives to see what others have added or begin creating your family tree with this online resource. (In-House Use Only)



Access to critically-acclaimed movies, inspiring documentaries, award-winning foreign films and more with your library card number. Current limit of 8 streams per month per card. 

Novelist K-8 Plus / Novelist Plus


Find your next great read using Novelist's advanced recommendation system. Search for suggestions based off themes, genres, story/appeal elements, and more. Novelist K-8 Plus is for children's and teen fiction, Novelist Plus is for all ages. 



Sign out ebooks and audiobooks on your computer, tablet, KOBO or phone with your library card number. Can also be accessed via the Libby App. For help on getting started, check out Overdrive's guide here.


Free Encyclopedias & Almanacs

The Canadian Encyclopedia


Online Encyclopedia with a focus on Canadian history, culture, geography, people, and more. View individual articles on your topic of interest or browse collections on a variety of topics, as well as timelines for major events and topics in history.

Encyclopedia of Life

An online Encyclopedia with a specialized and thorough focus on all living organisms, such as animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria, to help you learn more about living nature. All information is compiled from books, published journals, and databases.

The Old Farmer's Almanac

A reference database companion to the published book, the Old Farmer’s Almanac website provides information on weather forecasts, charts and history, tide charts, moon phases, planting calendar for those who grow their own food, and more.


Hastings Highlands/North Hastings Business Directory


A local business directory for the Hastings Highlands and North Hastings region.


Ontario Government Directory for finding contact information for government agencies and employees.

211 Ontario


A directory helping Canadians locate human information services in their community. Information may include

(but not be limited to) community programs, emergencies/crises, training, family services, income support, health

care, homelessness, and more.

Other Resources

Canadian Citizenship Practice Test


Canadian Citizenship course and practice questions covering the official study guide "Discover Canada." Available for free with coupon code: HHPL338

Ontario G1 Practice Tests


Study by topic or try a variety of test simulations to prepare for your official Ontario G1 test. 

Steps to Justice

A step-by-step guide to Ontario Law

Your Legal Rights (CLEO)


Free, easy to use legal information for Ontario residents.



Teaching those with limited computer skills how to use popular websites and apps safely and confidently.

Ontario Historical Society Journals


Collection of articles about Ontario's History dating as far back as 1899. Journals published between 1899-1915 are considered public domain and accessible to all. 

Oral History Forum


Canadian Oral History Association's online journal on oral history. 

Ontario Fishing Regulations

Annual guide to recreational fishing regulations in Ontario.

Ontario Hunting Regulations

Annual guide to hunting regulations in Ontario.

An online English Dictionary which also provides things like a word of the day, articles explaining the difference between words with similar meanings, and other grammar-related topics.

An online Thesaurus that lets you search for synonyms and antonyms, adjust the length of the word you’re looking for, and provides words with a different connotation to the one you’re searching for.

Collins French/English Dictionary


With over 230,000 translations and helpful sentence examples, the Collins French Dictionary is useful for looking up french terms and improving understanding of french grammar.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary


If you can’t figure out the right word to describe something, this website can help you by searching the definition or concept instead.


Easy to use website for creating posters, social media graphics and more. 

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