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Celebrate a Month of Harry Potter at HHPL

Check out our Harry Potter display in the library! Quidditch equipment, wands, illustrated copies of the books, and more.

Hastings Highlands Public Library will be celebrating Harry Potter's birthday (July 31st for you muggles out there) for the entire month of July! Come out to the library at any time this month to check out our display of Harry Potter items and check out our list of books similar to Harry Potter that you can borrow from our collection.

Have you ever wondered what Hogwarts House you belong to? Now you can find out with our Sorting Hat, which will be available to try at the front desk for the entire month of July. Watch the magical hat in the video below.

Potterheads had another fun surprise at the end of June as the company responsible for the popular Pokemon Go mobile game released an augmented reality Harry Potter mobile game called Wizards Unite.

If you've already been playing this game at all, you'll be pleased to learn that Hastings Highlands Public Library is actually classified as an inn - a special location where you can refill your energy using magical food items.

We would love to see any screenshots you take in the library while playing this game - just post them on your social media page and tag the library! For purely educational purposes (of course), the library staff took a few screenshots themselves to give you an idea of what the game looks like.

Instagram: @hastingshighlandspl Facebook: @hastingshighlandslibrary

We will also be looking into playing the Harry Potter movies throughout the month of July, so stay tuned for upcoming dates!

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