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Hastings Highlands: A Place That Loves To Read

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Mayor Tony Fitzgerald getting ready to draw the names of our Summer Reading Challenge winners with CEO Wendy Keating.

Another Summer in Hastings Highlands is coming to an end, and while there are still a few days before the Fall equinox, we wanted to share the fantastic stats from our Summer Reading Challenge and TD Summer Reading Club.

The Hastings Highlands Public Library participated again in the TD Summer Reading Club - a free club offered across Canada to foster a lifelong love of reading and help keep kids reading even when school is out. Each participating child is given a booklet to record the books they have read, as well as a code to access books, activities, and more online through the TD Summer Reading website. This year, we had a total of 69 kids sign up through our library, a new record for us.

In addition to the TD Summer Reading Club, we held a Summer Reading Challenge for all ages to encourage everyone to get their summer read on. Our challenge began on July 4th and ended August 26th, with a ballot towards our draw earned for every book read. We had a grand total of 608 ballots entered for the Kids Reading Challenge, and 200 entered for the Adult Reading Challenge. That's a total of 808 books that were read this summer in the hopes of winning a prize from our draw.

This summer, we also saw a total of 3080 people visit the library from July 4th to September 2nd - with a total of 7413 from January 1st to September 2nd!

It's been a terrific and busy year at the library so far, and there's still more to come before we say goodbye to 2023. Keep up to date with all the latest in library news and events by checking our blog or following us on social media.

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