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In-House Programming During COVID-19

The Hastings Highlands Public Library is pleased to announce that we are beginning the gradual process of re-introducing our library programs in cooperation with the local health unit and COVID-19 guidelines.

We will be introducing programs gradually and at this time are looking to primarily schedule programs during our Curbside Pickup days to limit the number of people in the library.

What guidelines are we expected to follow?

  • Only programs where participants are able to physical distance can happen at this time. This unfortunately means we cannot bring back Bridge and Scrabble at this time.

  • Programs must be no more than 50 participants if the physical space allows for distancing, otherwise this number may be lower. Currently the library capacity is set at 10 people, not including staff; this may be adjusted for programs on a case-by-case basis depending on space limitations.

What are we doing to keep our programs safe?

  • Programming space and materials will be sanitized before and after use

  • Participants sanitize upon entering the library, but hand sanitizer will also be available in the programming space.

  • Seating will be set up to ensure physical distancing prior to the program.

  • Masks are still required unless participants are exempt, however if food is introduced to a program we will be following the restaurant expectations (participants must remain seated two meters apart, and must put their mask back on if approached or when leaving their seat)

  • Running our programs on curbside pickup days or utilizing the program room to limit the number of bodies in one space for the comfort and safety of both library patrons and program participants.

  • Screening all staff on a daily basis

What can you do to help keep our programs safe?

  • Do not attend a program if you have any possible symptoms of COVID-19. You can view a list of symptoms here or complete a self-assessment here.

  • Do not attend a program if anyone in your household has possible symptoms of COVID-19.

  • If you develop possible symptoms of COVID-19 and have recently visited the library, get tested!

What about the programs in the gym?

While the Municipality of Hastings Highlands is under Stage 3 of their municipal re-opening plan, the gym is unavailable for program use. This means that at this time, only programs that can use the library space or program room will be returning. When this changes, we will look into bringing back our gym programs.

What programs are making a comeback?

So far, we have brought back the sewing group and the music group. We are hoping to re-introduce book club and the knitting group in the near future, and we also plan to investigate possibilities for the return of toddler group such as outdoor activities.

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