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Local Transition Town Movement Hosts Hugelkultur Gardening Workshop

Last Thursday at the library, Leslie Hysert and Lesley Eden hosted a Hugelkultur Gardening workshop for free to any who wanted to come out and listen. For those of you who haven't heard of this type of gardening before, it refers to the technique of using raised garden beds for planting. Those who attended were also able to learn about large scale food production, food preservation, and more.

The program room at the library was packed with locals interested in learning more about becoming more self-sufficient. This is the primary goal of Transition Towns Initiatives, which are dedicated to helping local communities reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. Although Maynooth's Transition Town is still in the very early development stages, we hope to be able to provide you with more information soon.

If you're interested in learning more about what transition towns are all about, check out "The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience" by Rob Hopkins, available at the library now.

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