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Summer Reading Challenge

Our Summer Reading Challenge is on! Both adults and kids can participate in this challenge for a chance to win one of four prizes.

All you have to do is sign up at the front desk, and staff will provide you with a reading log to track your books. On your next library visit, show staff your reading log, and they will provide you a draw slip for each book you've completed! Print books, audiobooks, and eBooks all count towards this challenge.

Children participating in our Summer Reading Challenge will be signed up to the TD Summer Reading Program, and will receive a booklet with an online access code to gain access to bonus activities and e-books.

Prizes can be seen on display in the hallway outside of the library! For the kids, we have Squishmallows, and for the adults, we have a pool floaty, coffee cup, 1L of maple syrup, and a sweatshirt.

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