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Hastings Highlands Library Launches New E-Resources

Britannica is just one of several new e-resources that we are bringing to our patrons!

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on our website to include another much needed library service - E-Resources! (Go ahead, click the link and take a sneak peek at what we have so far - we'll wait.)

Many of the E-Resources linked on our page are free for all to use, regardless of whether or not you're the proud owner of a library membership with us. For those of you who do have a membership, though, we're working on adding a couple new e-resource subscriptions for you to try out.

Two of these resources are already available on our website, and you can find them on the E-Resources page linked at the start of this blog post.

A-Z World Travel is the perfect resource to consult before or during your next vacation. All you need is your library card number, and you can look up any city in the world for the latest travel information!

Britannica is an online Encyclopedia, perfect for your next research project. While in the library, non-residents are able to access this resource while hooked up to the library's Wi-Fi. If you want to access it from anywhere else, though, you'll need your library card number to sign in.

Do you have a free online resource to recommend? Let us know! You can comment, message us on Facebook, or send an email to

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