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HHPL Podcast with Hybla Minute

Hybla Minute, a new podcast created by community member Roy Mitchell, reached out to the Hastings Highlands Public Library staff asking if we would be interested in being interviewed about working at the library and how the pandemic is affecting our current services.

After a couple scheduling hiccups, one of our staff members, Jessica O'Reilly, was finally able to sit down and answer a few questions for the community that Roy had put together, covering topics such as how libraries have evolved over the years, the history of our Seed Library (which, not clarified in the podcast, is actually now shared between organizations in the Bancroft community as well as our library) and more.

We invite you now to listen to this podcast, either at Anchor FM or by searching for Hybla Minute on Spotify. We were episode #10, aptly titled "Rural Library in a Pandemic." Other Podcast episodes featuring local community members include:

If you are interested in being featured in a future podcast episode, you can find links to all of Hybla Minute's social media pages here.

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