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Highlands Courier donates 1994-2004 Newspapers on events in the Bancroft to Wilberforce Area

The Heritage Librarian is excited to announce the donations of Highlands Courier (previously known as Cardiff Courier) by Stewart Smith; this contains nearly all the editions of his independent newspaper from 1994-2004. The newspaper contains articles and events from Wilberforce to Bancroft area. This will be digitized and will be gradually put up on our digital archive through the VITA Toolkit.

We also received a donation containing old images taken of the Maynooth Train Station back in its heyday. The old tracks came all the way from Trenton Ontario, and the plan was to eventually have the tracks meet up with the Ottawa bound rail. The station was in use for many reasons until the 1980’s, and is currently abandoned; there is a Save the Maynooth Train Station Committee that is working hard to keep this building safe and eventually to have it operational in some capacity. Digitizing the records will be an ongoing project as information, stories, family connections, etc. come in.

If you have old photographs, newspapers, and/or VHS tapes of old community events, please bring them in! This is a community oriented digital archive that will thrive with community involvement. The images will be digitized to Archival standards, with publicly accessible copies online. Patrons and researchers will need to book time with the Heritage Librarian for access to the archival copies. Any questions and comments can be directed towards Tiffany at

Interested in your family roots? Every Wednesday we run a heritage program looking through Ancestry and other applicable programs for genealogy links and other family connections. All are welcomed to come in from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, no reservation needed.

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