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Mrs. Storey's Grade 1/2 Class Votes for Blue Spruce Winner

Mrs. Storey's Grade 1/2 class at the Maynooth Public School participated in the Forest of Reading program via the Hastings Highlands Public Library this year. After completing the program, students were asked to vote for their favourite book in the Blue Spruce category to help determine the winner for this year's Blue Spruce Award.

The Grade 1/2 students cast their votes, and the winner was: Harley the Hero, written and illustrated by Peggy Collins! If this title sounds familiar to you, it's because this book went on to be declared the winner of the 2022 Blue Spruce Award.

"Harley the service dog is on the job! He goes to school every day with Ms. Prichard to make sure she feels safe. Their students are a lot of fun, but Harley can't play with them while he's wearing his work vest. They write him lots of letters instead, and everything is perfect in the best, most quiet class in the whole school. Until the day the old stage curtains catch fire. As the fire alarm blares and chaos erupts, Harley remembers that Ms. Prichard isn't the only human in his class who gets upset by loud noises." (Official Book Summary)

Harley the Hero is inspired by a true story about a classroom service dog, and was written to celebrate the work of service animals and the normalization of neurodivergence. The end of the book talks about the real dog that fictional Harley was inspired by.

If you haven't read Harley the Hero yet, or even if you want to read it again, this book is available at the library. You can call, email, or visit our online catalogue to place it on hold.

Call: 613-338-2262

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