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Maynooth Trading Post Hosts "Repair-A-Thon" at HHPL

On May 27th the Maynooth Trading Post hosted their very own "Free Clothing and Textile Repair-a-Thon" as a Transition Town Maynooth Initiative at the Hastings Highlands Public Library.

The primary objective of this initiative was to reduce the amount of materials being thrown away in the local dumps. Each item was weighed and recorded to determine the physical weight of materials being diverted from the dumps by choosing to mend them instead.

To achieve this goal, volunteers were on site to help fix holes in jeans, blankets and more, while also teaching participants how to do their own reparations in the hopes that they would continue mending their own items in the future. Each participant was also given a beginner's mending kit to help them get started with basic repairs.

The Repair-a-Thon is the second Transition Town Maynooth Initiative to be held at the Hastings Highlands Public Library, the first being the Hugelkultur Gardening Workshop. If you would like to get involved with this initiative yourself, there is now a Facebook Group you can join here. You can also find the Maynooth Trading post on Facebook here.

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