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The library is open for in-person visits!

Welcome back to browsing for your own books and DVDs to borrow, and also to enjoying Wi-Fi with air-conditioning!

We are all looking forward to walking among the stacks and discovering new reads. It is such a pleasure to browse the shelves in this library, as staff are constantly refreshing the display shelves with new books. Besides the new books section, the library has a number of displays to peak your family’s reading curiosity:

Kids TD Summer Reading Club at Hastings Highlands Public Library

Drop by the library to sign up for the Club and pick up a reading kit from the librarian. TD Recommended reads can be found all together on the kids’ bookcase. Your child will receive a free notebook, pencil, and stickers to track their reading.

Forest of Reading

Books for the Forest of Reading children’s literacy program are displayed along the tops of the kids’ bookshelves throughout the library. Our librarian set up each of these books with an information sheet, to make them that much easier to find.

First Nations Communities Read

First Nation Communities Read promotes First Nation, Métis, and Inuit writing, illustration, and publishing. These titles can be found on the shelf in front of the librarian’s desk.

Canada Reads

If part of your summer includes catching up with this year’s Canada Reads, staff would be pleased to assist you in browsing for these titles.

Books for Sale

For guests who prefer to buy their books, a books for sale cart can be found at the library entrance, and more books for sale are on display inside the library. Once you have made your selections, a donation to the library can be made with the librarian at the check-out desk. Happy book hunting!

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 11am - 1:45pm

Tuesday: 11am - 5:45pm

Wednesday: 11am - 3:45pm (Curbside pickup and computer usage by appointment only)

Thursday: 11am - 5:45pm

Friday: 11am - 1:45pm (Curbside pickup and computer usage by appointment only)

Limit of 8 guests in the library at a time.

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