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Comic Books Come to the Library

We are very excited to start a new part of our collection in comic books, graphic novels and manga. We will be making sure that all ages get something new. For the month of April, we have:

Mature: Deadpool

Teen 16+: Batman Rebirth, Supergirl Rebirth, Suicide Squad Rebirth, Wonder Woman Rebith, Black Panther, Avengers World and Attack on Titan #1

Everyone/PG13: LumberJanes #5 and #6, Ms. Marvel, Starwars and Pokemon

For teens looking to take out 16+ and who are under 16 parental permission is a must.

We have purchased a new bookshelf and have allocated space for a small comic book nook for comfortable reading, as well as perusing through the shelves. We look forward to hearing from you and if you want to put a comic book/graphic novel or manga on the next months purchase order, please let us know!

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