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Cultural Corner Spotlight: Mary Williams

The Pleasure Is Not Mine (Self Portrait)

Mary Williams is an emerging interdisciplinary artist currently practicing in Bancroft, Ontario - located on unceded traditional Algonquin and Anishinabek territory. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours in Visual Art and minor in Art History (2022) from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Having spent much of her childhood growing up in Maynooth, Ontario after moving from Lytchett Matravers, England at age 9, she is thrilled to be showing some more of her work from her artistic journey here in the Hastings Highlands Public Library.

You can find Williams serving the Arts in her community through her media and admin work at the Art Gallery of Bancroft, painting sets and helping run youth theatre at the Bancroft Village Playhouse with Tweed & Company Theatre, and at the Muse Gallery and Cafe for their monthly kids art after school club!

Williams' current work often presents sculptural elements which she responds to using media such as oil paint and silkscreen. She spent time during her education learning Fine Art techniques and developing her conceptual practice. She now focuses on exploring the internal and external conflicts of navigating the world as a woman through the reimagination of art historical imagery where women are traditionally objectified. She uses distortion, psychedelic colours and materiality to recontextualize appropriated images in a contemporary critique. Her process and content work to create an overwhelming sensory experience that visualizes a personal, historical, and physical struggle.

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