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Cultural Corner Spotlight: Sophia Wagland

Sophia Wagland is an artist and aspiring architect local to the Hastings Highlands region. Growing up off-the-grid in a log cabin just outside of Maynooth Ontario, Sopia's rural upbringing inspires her artwork and architectural concepts. A current third year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto Daniel's Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, Sophia is pursuing an education towards a creative career path.

Sophia's artistic and architectural interests are informed by various aspects of her life and the natural world around her. Her love of the outdoors and familiarity with alternative energy sources and off-the-grid living options are subjects she explores in her studies, projects, and artworks. Sophia believes that while architecture and traditional artistic practices often are considered separate creative outlets, both forms of representation have a unique ability to visually and interactively deliver a message to the viewer. Sophia hopes to continue her journey towards a career in architecture and design, wishing to use her knowledge and background to maximize the aesthetic, experiential, and functional potential of planned outdoor and indoor spaces.

The collection of Sophia's work displayed at the library includes a variety of linoleum block cut and riso prints along with two architectural studio projects from her second year of undergraduate school. These block prints feature mostly plant and animal subjects either observed or imagined. The architectural projects display a selection of drawings and process models which represent preliminary theoretical designs developed to accommodate specific criteria and constraints.

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