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Dave Meslin's "Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy From The Ground Up"

On Thursday, August 8th, Toronto author Dave Meslin came out to the Hastings Highlands Public Library to talk about his book "Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy From The Ground Up." Over 25 people were in attendance to learn democratic solutions to give a voice to ordinary people. Marlena Zuber, local artist and illustrator of "Teardown," gave an inspirational reading to kickstart the evening before Dave started the discussions.

"From environmental activism to public space advocacy to the ongoing campaign for electoral reform, Dave Meslin has been both out on the street in marches and in the back rooms drawing up policy. With Teardown he reminds us that the future of our species doesn't need to look like a trainwreck. That we're capable of so much more."

If you missed this event, Dave's book is now available at the library for patrons to borrow.

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