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Forest of Reading Voting Period Extended, Plus: Read-Aloud's

For the last few years, our library has successfully partnered with the Maynooth Public School to provide students with access to the Ontario Library Association's Forest of Reading Program.

Our library purchases the books nominated for each category that year, which students then have the opportunity to borrow and discuss with their class. They then have the opportunity to attend "Forest Fridays," a live video chat with the authors of the books they have been reading. At the end of the program, they get to vote on what their favourite book was for their category, which determines that year's winner.

Normally, Forest of Reading is only available to registered schools and libraries, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the OLA has opened their website to the public at

In addition, they have provided a playlist of "Read-Aloud's" for this year's Blue Spruce nominees - intended for the 4-7 age group - which you can listen to on YouTube here.

The voting period has been extended until June 1st, and votes may be submitted here.

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