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March Break Madness

This week at Hastings Highlands Public Library has been action packed and fun, thanks to the volunteer work of Korbin and Landon Paradis, Katie Gavrylec and Colin Montgomery. All week at the library, kids have been invited to design marshmallow structures, play with OSMO, create with LEGO, and make their very own slime, play-doh and ooblik to take home. There was also some gym time set aside for kids to play games like Hungry Hippos and more.

If you recognize the names of our volunteers, then you probably know that with them comes an assortment of animals and reptiles that they have rescued. This week, we saw ferrets, degus, leopard geckos, gerbils, bearded dragons, bunnies, and as a special guest, Finn the puppy!

But with March Break soon coming to an end, so are our March Break activities. Friday, you can visit the library table at the Legion in Bancroft to check out items from our S.T.E.A.M. cart and on Saturday, we invite you to the library once more for a St. Patrick's Day themed craft.

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to participate in our March Break activities this week and who helped support our youth volunteers in their endeavors, and we would of course also like to thank Korbin, Landon, Katie and Colin for choosing to spend their March Break helping other kids have so much fun.

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