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Welcome to the New website

We have made the website user friendly, more accessible, more community involved

Welcome to the new website. There are many different things that we have implemented with many more on the way.


“..bringing in the community to help... maintain the accessibility of you public library .”

We are making improvements and bring in you guys to help with the community aspect of the website and to maintain the accessibility of your public library. Here we will have a calendar showing events in the Hastings Highlands County, what we have running for kids programming, and what new comic books, graphic novels and games for the teen nook. Everyone is welcomed.

Relevant Content

We do book purchasing once a month. We welcome patrons to come in and ask for a book, series or author to be added to our collection. This is as much your library as it is ours, we want to maintain a level of collection that supports everyone in the community. If we don't have a book, please ask if it can be Inter-library Loaned.

Online Book Club

We will be implementing a new forum for online book club. This will be a location where book enthusiasts will be able to discuss books, the characters, plot development or recommend books. The sky's the limit with this new idea.

Tell Us

There is now a way to get in contact with us in regards to community events, comments about the library, or if you feel like saying hi just through the website alone. So for those who are avoiding social media, you now have a way to participate!

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