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Forest of Reading Spotlight: "Wild Outside: Around The World With Survivorman"

Written by Survivorman himself (Les Stroud), Wild Outside is a Yellow Cedar Nominee nonfiction title that takes you on twelve edge-of-your-seat adventures as he proves anyone can be an ourdoor explorer. Wild Outside also features nature facts, kid-friendly activities, and practical advice for spending time outside and safely observing wildlife.

Yellow Cedar is a category in the Forest of Reading Program for English Nonfiction titles for grades 4-8. If you haven't joined our Forest of Reading Program yet, you can get more information by calling or emailing the library, or visiting our webpage here.

At the end of the reading program, all participants will be able to cast their vote on what books were their favourites. There are some specifications to be eligible to vote - Yellow Cedar readers are required to read 5 out of the 10 nominated titles in their category before they can vote. You can pick up a Reading Passport during your next visit to the library to get started.

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