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Heritage Services at Your Library

We have launched a new webpage devoted to the Heritage Services offered at our library. If you've ever been curious about the local history of the area, or wanted to discover your family roots, we can help! Visit our new webpage here, or keep reading to find out more.

VITA Digital Archive and Flickr

We have been collecting and digitizing materials pertaining to the history of Hastings Highlands and surrounding regions. All materials digitized to date can be found on either our VITA Digital Archive or our recently added Flickr account. While our VITA account focuses primarily on older historical photos, documents, and newspapers, Flickr focuses primarily on newer historical photos and currently hosts a series of uploaded negatives that were originally published in the Hastings/Cardiff Courier.

Ancestry Library Edition

Library users have free access to the Library Edition of Ancestry, an online genealogical resource where you can piece together your family history, browse old census records, and more. Non-library patrons are limited to in-house access - meaning you have to use the library wireless internet or a library computer to get on - but registered library users can use Ancestry remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just contact your library staff for assistance.

Heritage Projects

Curious to know what's coming to our archives next? At any time, visit the Heritage Services page to see what the current projects are, and what kind of items we're still looking for to complete them. While donations or temporary loans of materials with historical significance to the area are always welcome, there are some items that we may be unable to accept due to quality, condition, and size. At this time, the COVID-19 pandemic is also a factor as we are required to quarantine all materials coming into the library and have limited space. Any problematic items will be discussed with the donor and then returned or redirected as is mutually agreed upon. All donations must be pre-arranged.


If you have any questions, comments, or more in regards to any of our Heritage Services, please contact Tiffany at

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