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New Forest of Reading Program Webpage

The library has a new webpage dedicated to the Forest of Reading literacy program where you can view this year's nominees and check their availability in our library.

The Forest of Reading literacy program is hosted by the Ontario Library Association (OLA) and helps celebrate Canadian authors, illustrators, and publishers. Best of all, children and young adult readers are the ones who determine the winners each year by voting on their favourite titles. Forest of Reading also offers virtual visits with authors, all through your public library.

At the end of the Forest of Reading program, participants who have completed their Passports (a booklet for tracking the books you have read and what you thought of them) are invited to vote on which book they liked the best. Blue Spruce Readers must read all 10 books to qualify to vote. All other categories require that you read at least 5 of the 10 books before you qualify to vote. The official Forest of Reading Voting Day for school-aged programs is on April 23rd, but can take place any time between April 1st and 30th, and you can submit your vote via our new webpage's submission form at this time.

This year, our library subscribed to the Blue Spruce (JK-Grade 2), Silver Birch (Grade 3-4), Silver Birch Express (Grade 3-6), Yellow Cedar (Grade 4-8), and Red Maple (Grade 7-8) reading programs through Forest of Reading. Passports for participants are available at the front desk by request.

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